July 2

Goodbye Grade 7

Hello bloggers,

I`m sad to say that this will be my last blog post ūüôĀ , because next year I will no longer be at this school I will be going to high school. I am very exited to go to a new school but I will defiantly miss my friends in grade six but look on the bright side they will all be coming next year! I will also miss all of the great teachers that I had through elementary school they were the best teachers I could ever ask for! ¬†I am so glad I got to have the opportunity to have a blog,¬†I will try my best to come on my blog every now and then when I have the time

Goodbye for now:)

Sincerely Kaiya

June 14

Life Lessons Learned at camp

This is a essay on my life lessons learned at camp.Hi my name is Kaiya, just recently I went to Tribune bay camp on Hornby Island. I had lots of fun and memories I will not forget! This was my First ever camp with my class, and the BEST field trip I have ever been on. I hope to go back there someday. I’m going to be talking about some of the life lessons I have learned at camp!

One of the life lessons I’ve learned is trusting your equipment. If you don‚Äôt trust your equipment you wont fully enjoy the experience, because you will be to busy worrying. Don‚Äôt get me wrong it will still be scary. For example on the possum log you can not hold your safety line, So you have to balance and trust your leader because she/he is belaying you. You may think you will fall but you wont all that will happen is you will just hang there and get back on. Just like on the rock wall your afraid you are going to slip or lose your grip so just remember to trust your equipment and your leader

Another lesson I learnt was sometimes its all in your head, because sometimes you can be scared but once you do it it wasn’t that scary and it was actually really fun. I also learned that you will never get hurt because your leader is always belaying you, so you should never be worried about falling or getting hurt. Unless you are climbing without permission or in spots your leader has told you not to go. With Kayaking you might have been worried about falling in, but when you think about it you can only fall in if you are goofing around or splashing other people. So sometimes it can all be in your head.

The third lesson was collaborating with my group. If you don’t work as a team you wont get very far, but it can also be hard to complete a task if your group is just being silly or just goofing around and ruins it for everybody. You also have to learn to collaborate with other people not just your friends, because that’s the whole point of collaboration is including people and working as a team. It would be pretty hard to complete a task without your whole group.

Overall I would highly recommend going to Tribune Bay camp I had a blast! If your looking for a place to over come fears and have a great time with family and friends then this is the place to go. I hope to go back there someday soon!

April 4

Dance Celebration!!

Hello everyone,

I have not posted in a while because I was on spring break! How was your spring break? Well, before we went on spring break every class in my school made up a dance. I really like doing the dance, our school has been doing dance celebrations for about 10 years Isn’t that crazy!! But this was my last year to do it and I had lots of fun.

The theme of our dance was a hockey game! How it worked was we would have our refs out on stage and the three flag girls came running out and did a quick dance it was really good. Then all of the girls would come out of the change rooms running with their hockey sticks in the air and would go around the hockey nets to the bench. Then all of the boys came out of the change room and ran around the nets and got in their places. Before they started we had O’canada everyone stood up with their sticks down, and then all of the boys started to do their dance. After that we had the Zamboni come out, for that we used a doge ball cart.

And then it was the girls turn! We all got in our positions  and we did our part of the dance and then all of the boys dropped their sticks and started fighting, soon it was the end and they all fell to the ground! Then my whole class formed a big line and bowed. I thought that it was very fun to make up a dance with my class. Thanks for reading my post.

Sincerely Kaiya

March 12

The ABC’s about me

Schul ABC 263/366

Creative Commons License Dennis Skley via Compfight

Here is the ABC’s about me.¬†It is where I use every word in the alphabet to describe some of the things about me. Hope you enjoy.

A I like eating apples but it is not my favorite fruit. I think watermelon is my favorite.

B My birthday is on September 13 right near the beginning of school.

C¬†I love eating chocolate. I mean who doesn’t?

D I love my dog. He is a German shepherd!

E I hate eggplants. I like the color purple, just not on a eggplant.

F I get frightened when I see a spider. Not little ones but big ones definitely.

G I love to do gymnastics it is my favorite sport. It was my first post

H¬†I don’t¬†really like heights. I would not want to get stuck on a ferris wheel.

I my brother sometimes irritates me well, he does A LOT!

J I like to do jigsaw puzzles on a rainy day. 

K I have a kitten named  Bella. She is almost a year old on May.3rd.

L I love my family very, very much.

M I like watching movies with my friends and family. 

N I have never been to Disney Land but maybe soon.

O¬†I’m¬†open¬†to trying new things.

P I like playing outside with my friends.

Q My teacher is the Queen of our classroom/ Smarthlandia. 

R I love my rabbits.I have three and I have had them since I was in kindergarten. 

S I love sleeping in every day!!!

T I love learning/ doing tricks on my  trampoline.

U I want to go to University someday.

V One  of my favorite cars is a Van. 

W I like going for walks on the beach with my family.

X I have had to get an Xray  before.

Y¬†I don’t ¬†really like the color¬†Yellow but I like lots of other ones.

Z I think the stripes on Zebras are so cool. I want to pet a zebra someday.

Well,¬†those were the ABC’s¬†¬†about me.¬† I hope you enjoyed it. Any¬†suggestions for a new blog post ???

Sincerely, Kaiya


December 5


Snowflake macro: 3-in-1 Alexey Kljatov via CompfightDid you know that all snow flakes have a unique pattern but we can not see it. ¬†It is so pretty and very fun.What I usually do in the snow is go around my yard and get a lot of snow and put it all on my back deck.And then I put all the snow on the stairs and make a big snow slide It Is AWESOME.I love watching one snow flake until It hits the ground I just find snow so cool.We don`t often get snow here but we do get liquid snow……RAIN not as cool. do you like snow. More posts coming soon

Sincerely Kaiya

November 30

The day I became a Zombie

Zombie Bear Jonas Jensen via Compfight It was a dark and stormy day. We all were reading, then SMASH!!!!! BOOM!!!! A herd of zombies entered my classroom. Before I knew it, I was a nasty looking zombie. There was broken glass everywhere because the zombies had entered through the window. The herd of zombies had gotten bigger and bigger until the zombies thought that there were no more humans.

But little did the zombies know there was a little village of humans left. They were making a plan to turn all the zombies back to normal humans. They had to hike up a mountain to a old house to get a special potion to get rid of all the zombies.

They got the potion and went off to find the zombies. It was really hard for them to find the zombies, but they did and they sprayed the potion all over the zombies. It took a hour for the zombies to react to the potion and turn back to humans.

A hour has past and they all start to wake up. It took awhile for me to wake up but I did and I had no idea what had happen. I just felt like I was asleep for a long, long time.  

Sincerely Kaiya


November 17

What Is the Length of Your Hand ?


Hi Everyone,

A few days ago my class did a data Analysis project. Our inquiry question was

Our inquiry Question

What is the length from your wrist to your finger tip?



for this we only needed a Ruler


was to ask for a classmates hand and measure then round to the nearest Centimeter

3. control standers

our control standers were Centimeters

4. My Predictions

before we did this project was that the average would be 16Cm

5. Our data organized

was in cm from least to greatest was

15, 15, 15, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 18, 18, 20


30+15+32+32+32+16+34+34+34+34+18+18+20= 349 √∑ 21 = 16.6


The median is the middle # in the data stet 16.5cm


The made is the number that occurs the most 17cm


20‚ąí15 = 5cm

There are no outliers

The Mean would be the most appropriate to use

I was slightly off with my predictions i thought the average would be 16cm but It was 17cm

I thought  that this was really fun to do and I would like to do another project like this again

Sincerely Kaiya


November 2

Emergency kit

This is what I put in my emergency kit,

Water, Food such as granola bars, Flash light, Money,  a Phone of some kind, Small first aid kit, Whistle, Booklet with emergency numbers, a couple of large garbage bags and so on.

~ Kaiya

October 26


Reagan on Bars Arthur T. LaBar via Compfight

Hi everyone,

As you may know my favorite sport is gymnastics. I talked about gymnastics in my about me page. I started gymnastics when I was 5 and I loved it since. So I decided that I wanted to stay in it and practice skills. I‚Äôm not to sure why my parents put me in gymnastics but I think they might have put me in it because I was always on my trampoline trying to do flips.My Favorite skill is a cartwheel it was the first skill I ever learned. My favorite apparatus is the bars because you can do a flip of the bar into the foam pit. Right now I’m not in it but planning on going in soon. do you have a favorite sport? If so what is it

Sincerely Kaiya